Safer construction site

Technology has become part of construction site work and the digitalisation penetrates further on the field as the start-ups and investors are becoming more and more interested on the sector. Currently the biggest focus of technology development has been on improving logistics, collaboration and management of the construction projects. A next step is to move towards improving safety and using more measurements from individual worker as well as from environment. Construction industry has not been able to diminish injuries as much as they have wished. Understanding deeply the cause-effect relationship will improve the safety, monitoring and analyzing the worker and environment will provide new insight injury reasons and will help optimizing the conditions. In addition, optimisation of the workflow (connected to project management) and safety issues are overlapping. For this reason, improving workflow improves the safety at construction sites e.g. due to reduced amount of unnecessary activities. Increasing deployment of sensors and different data sources in construction sites leads to the need of advanced analytics methods and more intense usage of AI solutions.

Our project focuses on innovations on the following areas:

  1. Creating new sensor solutions (including smart work wear) to measure worker activities and behaviour describing personal safety conditions (e.g. fatigue, balance, repetitive tasks).
  2. Predicting work safety risks by utilising advanced AI analytics methods.
  3. Creating user-friendly data-intensive safety service concepts capable of reacting to predicted risks.
  4. Evaluating the feasibility of the developed technologies and service concepts with proof-of-concept implementations tested in real-world pilots.

Research and development activities in the ConIoT project create a strong foundation for technology companies to boost their business through novel IoT-based safety and analytics services for the construction sector. Moving from conventional safety services to IoT-based data-intensive solutions in the construction sector creates new business opportunities for a wide range of different technology companies. Global markets exist for example for smart work wear, IoT communication infrastructures, sensor technologies, predictive analytics etc. In addition to providing a safer construction site, advanced data collection and analytics will support creating more fluent workflows and improves construction work efficiency and thus brings remarkable savings globally. This creates a starting point to an emerging data-intensive construction ecosystem that allows developing services for improving construction sites’ project management, work efficiency, safety, security and quality.